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Turn your audience into participants.

Share skills, knowledge, and support through interactive live video events that combine streaming video with video chat breakout sessions

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Our platform can help you build trust, respond to questions, and create a space for real conversations. Connect directly with your audience, and connect your audience to each other to discuss topics in depth.

Simple to set-up, simple to use, and wildly engaging. Our in-presentation features and breakout sessions turn passive listeners into active participants and provide a chance for the audience to discuss topics in- depth.

No more physical constraints. Your audience can be anywhere in the world and still benefit from a keynote speaker and breakout sessions with other attendees.

Whether you want to gather people to advance a cause, network with peers, or pursue a hobby, we've got you covered

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Up to 25 participants

  • 1 event limit at a time
  • 1 hour time limit on events
  • 2-4 person breakout groups  

Great Features and a Simple Interface


Video chat with a streamlined experience. Easy to start and nothing to download.


Connect your audience with each other to discuss topics in-depth, collaborate on a task, or simply meet each other. You control the size and makeup of your breakout groups.


Each event has a custom landing page with a shareable link and RSVP tracking. After the event, navigate to the organization page to see other upcoming events and recordings of past events.


We’ve got all the features you expect, like screen-sharing, text chat, automated calendar invites, and we’re adding more every week!

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